JTots - Farmington Hills, Michigan Childcare and Preschool

JTots Childcare and Preschool provides a safe, stable, and stimulating environment for Toddlers, Infants, and Preschoolers. The service and amenities that JTots offers are designed with the needs and concerns of the parents, children, staff who utilize the building. As your search for quality, affordable preschools and childcare in the Farmington Hills, Michigan area continues, please compare JTots to other childcare and preschool options. We are confident that JTots will be at the top of your list!

Does the Childcare Center Provide........?  JTots Other Centers
 CPR and First Aid Trained  Yes  
 Breakfast, Lunch, and Snack at No Extra Charge  Yes  
 Diapers and Wipes at No Extra Charge  Yes  
 Latex Gloves for Staff to Change Diapers  Yes  
 Personal Crib/Bed/Cot (no sharing)  Yes  
 Laundering of Bed Linens at No Extra Charge  Yes  
 All Craft and Activity Items at No Extra Charge  Yes  
 Owners that are Involved and Present in Daily Activities  Yes  
 Restricted Security Access System  Yes  
 Separate Homerooms for Each Age Group  Yes  
 Fully Carpeted Play Areas  Yes  
 One-Way Glass for Parent Observation  Yes  
 Hand Washing Sink and Drinking Facilities in Each Homeroom  Yes  
 Sound Insulation Between Homeroom Walls  Yes  
 Full-Service, On-Site Kitchen  Yes  
Dining Room/Craft Area Separate from Play/Sleep Area  Yes  
 Basement and Cabinet Storage for Extra "Clutter"  Yes  
 Proper Ratios of Staff to Children  Yes  
 Monthly Themes and Daily Planned Activities  Yes  
 Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers  Yes  
 C.P.R Trained Staff  Yes  
 Covered Outdoor Play Area  Yes  
 "Soft-Paved" Outdoor Play Surface  Yes  
 Safe, Spacious, Secluded Outdoor Play Area  Yes  
 Separate Infant Outdoor Play Area  Yes  
 Ample Parking for Parents and Staff  Yes  
 Private Area for Parent-Provider Conferences  Yes  
 Building Construction to Current Codes  Yes  
 Fire/Smoke/Heat Protection for Maximum Safety  Yes  
 Ample, Openable Windows for Natural Light and Fresh Air  Yes  
 Central Air-Conditioning  Yes  
 Clean, Fresh Environment  Yes  
 Privately Owned and Operated  Yes